Last bongo in Brighton

DJ FormatLast night I went to a DJ Format gig at the most excellent Concorde 2 here in Brighton, with Alex and Simon. In short, it rocked! Format is a great DJ and Abdominal is a great rapper. D-Sisive was ok, but doesn't seem to be as good as Abdominal. They played some tunes off their new album, "If you can't join em, beat em" as well as some classics from "Music for the Mature B-Boy", including a very funny version of Vicious Battle Raps with most of the lyrics reversed from the original. There was a bunch of crowd interaction, including getting a guy to race against Abdominal; he had to eat a breadstick and then whistle in the same amount of time it took Abdominal to rap out 8 bars at full speed (which isn't very many seconds). Personally I think he lost, but they gave him the CD anyway ;) If Format and friends are playing anywhere near you (click here to find out), you should go see them :)