Cascade of images

I've been up to things again and finally got around to putting the pictures up. Jazz Cafe PicnicTo kick things off we have a gallery of photos from the Jazz Cafe Picnic at Marble Hill in Twickenham (London). It can be found here. Science MuseumOn Tuesday I went to London to meet up with adie and we wandered around the Science Museum, saw a 3D IMAX movie and looked round an exhibition of costumes/props from the Hitchhiker's Guide movie. The gallery is here. Finally, as a bit of fun, I found myself in some TV footage from Glastonbury (click on the images for larger and fullsize versions): Me at Glastonbury Me at Glastonbury (captioned) On the left is the original TV image with us circled, on the right is the same shot, but with us magnified (or rather, the back of our heads magnified)