All your pixels are belong to me!

It's always kinda annoyed me when applications waste space with lots of menu bars and toolbars and stuff, when they could be using the space to show me useful stuff, or just be smaller. I appreciate that lots of people don't want information as densely packed as I do, but that's clearly not going to stop me trying. Up until now it's not been enough of an issue to do anything about, because I've had at least one big monitor for quite some time now. However, since I recently got a very portable laptop which only does 1024x768, my mind has been mulling over ways to save as much screen space as possible. With that in mind, I've collapsed down as much stuff as I can and present two screenshots, firstly of my firefox workspace and secondly of my thunderbird one. All the gnome stuff I care about is packed into one little toolbar at the top and since I always run these apps with the windows maximised, I use devilspie to strip the window borders. My main workspace just has four terminals at the maximum sizes they can be (which works out at about 82x29 with small fonts). Finally, as a challenge, can anyone suggest ways to save even more screen space?