PS3 movie icons

Games on the PS3 are displayed as a little icon, but it can be animated and some games take advantage of that. Strangely, the PS3 does not even attempt to automatically thumbnail or live-preview the movies stored on it (another thing Sony could easily fix if they choose to. The Cell can decode literally dozens of movies simultaneously). However, the lazyweb rides to the rescue with the news that the PS3 can generate animated thumbnails, but you have to do it yourself. I like that I can do this, but I think it should do it by default and I can choose to override it if I don't like what it auto-captured. Basically the trick is to pause the video at the point you want the thumbnail animation to start, then hit Triangle and choose "Change Icon". The next 15 seconds of video are rendered to a little thumbnail in not very much time. This is it running on my ps3: Full instructions and the author's video are here. Bonus points to anyone who figures out how to replace the thumbnail of one movie with another. The reason? Movie Trailers make great thumbnails because these days they usually flash the locations and characters at you rapidly