Terminator 0.2 released

Two days in a row! This is not going to be a continuous thing, but since it's the weekend I have been hacking on Terminator a lot. This is a big release for me, it finally brings in one of the crucial features required to make this more than just a script for 4 terminals in a window - you can now split terminals on demand. Right click on one and you can turn it into two terminals, horizontally or vertically. My roadmap currently is to have 0.3 allow you to remove terminals. 0.4 will then concentrate on loading/saving some kind of profile so you don't have to do a complex splitting procedure each time you start Terminator. I'm not sure if many other features will get in between 0.4 and 1.0, because there is lots to do on the gconf and gnome-terminal emulation. Head on over to Terminator's page for various links, including the download link. Terminator 0.2