Terminator progress

Just a quick update on how things are going. I've been pretty slow lately because of trying to get as many bugs fixed in Hardy as possible. However, we've still been working away a bit and the team has continued to grow.

Reliance on gnome is being reduced, and portability is being increased - you can now run Terminator on FreeBSD without a full GNOME install. Configuration has been entirely replaced - we now offer a stack of config options. If you have gconf available we will look there for gnome terminal settings. If that doesn't work out we'll look for a config file in your home directory and if that fails we have comprehensive default settings. I'm hoping to push out a release soon because we've also accumulated a few small bugfixes. The plan from here is to have a major release to land the tabs feature, and then go all out for a massive 1.0 when we can save/restore meta-profiles. Woo!