Iphone shortcomings

There's no doubting that the iphone is a hugely capable machine. It's powerful yet easy to use, but it's not perfect. Here are some things which I think are missing: * DAAP - it would be great to be able to play music via wifi since the thing is a bit low on storage. * Background apps - I understand the huge problems implied by this, but certain apps could be blessed with the ability. Either that or the excellent client should be integrated with the iPod app. Not everything can be made a push app (the api for which isn't even available yet) * IMAP subscriptions - I have loads of mail folders I don't want to see, which is dead easy in most mail clients, because of the ability to only subscribe to certain mailboxes. I would like to see this in the iPhone mail client. * IMAP new mail checking - I don't have all my new mail go to my inbox, some gets filtered to other folders an I would like to be able to tell the mail client to check these too.