Foo Fighters Wembley Concert, the tale of a weekend like no other

It seems like I have failed utterly to comment on the towering totem of raw awesome that was the Foo Fighters concert on a balmy Saturday in June. To put the event in context, I spent a few hours during the day with Rike, Alex and Simon in Hyde Park at the Red Bull Flügtag. We ate, we drank, we watched ridiculous people flinging themselves from a raised platform into The Serpentine in craft that almost invariably were capable solely of an ungraceful and undignified plunge. The notable exception being a poor attempt at a basic hangglider design, which somehow stalled and dived its way to a distance record. We then said goodbye to Alex and headed half way across London toWembley Stadium, where we arrived to a bigger queue for the toilet than for the gates, so we were inside in a jiffy. We'd missed the support acts nonsense and things were gearing up for the Foos. It was a pretty impressive sight and sound to walk out onto what would normally be the pitch, amongst an almost capacity crowd (Dave Grohl seemed to think there were 86,000 people there). Then noise, then cheering, then rock. Twenty minutes of rock go by before they take so much as a beat of a break to say hello. More rocking. Rock. Rockity rock. Rock. Special appearance by Jimmy Paige and John Paul Jones from Led Zepplin. Rock. Good night. Massive firework show. Best gig I've ever been to, and I'm not expecting it to ever be beaten. I would describe the show in more detail, but if you weren't there then you lose, sorry. Except you don't lose! You can now buy a DVD or a Bluray of the show, and I am here to tell you that you absolutely should, especially if you own a Bluray player. My copy of the Bluray arrived yesterday and I've watched the entire 2 hour show twice so far. There seem to be cameras everywhere and they're edited together well, so it's a treat to watch. The show was presented in conjunction with BBC Radio One and they broadcast it, so the sound recording is very good. What else do you care about? There are no extras, but who cares. As if the weekend hadn't offered up enough excitement already, Simon and I went to Silverstone on the Sunday to see a day of Renault motorsport.