Recent FOSS activities

I've not been doing a huge amount of work on Terminator recently - I have to be honest and say that a lot of the fun stuff is already done and behind us, and it's just got a couple of features before it's as complete as it should be, also it's now well over 2 years into the long-slog towards the often-marvelled-about decade it takes for a piece of software to be truly mature. That's not to say that I haven't still got a burning interest to do good works in the FOSS world. Recently I've been poking around at other things. I've got a patch in GNOME's Bugzilla which fixes the stupid bug where mailto: URIs get mangled when you open them, and yesterday I submitted a branch to the GNOME Do folks which adds a plugin for users of Request Tracker (being a sysadmin, RT rules my working life). Hopefully both will get merged soon! Now I need to figure out what I should poke at next in 2009 (my rough aim for the year being to produce more and consume less).