Terminator 0.90 progress

Further to my previous post I thought I'd post a quick update about how things are progressing. I mentioned in my previous post that I knew of several things that were not yet working in the Epic Refactor branch:

  • -e and -x command line options
  • all forms of drag & drop
  • directional navigation
  • some keyboard shortcuts

I'm pleased to say that the first two of these are now taken care of, but the latter two are still to be done. I'm less pleased to say that I haven't had much external feedback about this branch yet, but I suspect that most people who might be interested probably don't read my blog ;) So if you know people who like Terminator and enjoy testing things out, all they need to do is: bzr branch lp:~cmsj/terminator/epic-refactor cd epic-refactor ./terminator

and give some feedback!