Adventures in Puppet: Tangled Strings

I am trying to do as much management on my new VM servers as possible with Puppet, but these are machines I still frequently log on to, and not everything is managed by Puppet, so it's entirely possible that in a fit of forgetfulness I will start editing a file that Puppet is managing and then be annoyed when my changes are lost next time Puppet runs. Since prior preparation and planning prevents pitifully poor performance, I decided to do something about this. Thus, I present a VIM plugin called TangledStrings, which I'm distributing as a Vimball (.vba) you can download from its project page on Launchpad. For more information on Vimball formatted plugins, see this page. To install the plugin, simply:

  • vim tangledstrings.vba
  • Follow the instructions from Vimball to type: :so %

By default, TangledStrings will show a (configurable) warning message when you load a Puppet-owned file: This message can be disabled, and you can choose to enable a persistent message in the VIM status line instead: (or you could choose to enable both of these methods). For more information, see the documentation included in the Vimball which you can display with the VIM command:

:help TangledStrings

Suggestions, improvements, patches, etc. are most welcome! Email me or use Launchpad to file bugs and propose merges.