Lifesaver for Maverick

I think that enough of the planets have aligned in the shape of a failboat that I have been able to successfully upload a source package of Lifesaver to its PPA for Maverick. I might be wrong though, we'll find out shortly when Launchpad processes the ridiculous output of several ridiculous tools. Seriously Debian/Ubuntu developers, please sort this out. I really don't care about the intricacies of your workflow - just make it easy for me to be an upstream developer pushing packages into a PPA. Don't make me wade through a sea of hundreds of build tools, dscs, origs, diffs, etc. Just make a bundle and shove it into Launchpad. One command. bzr2ppa in a working directory. Done. I'm quite sure the failures I had were due either to my incorrect use of some tool or other, or an incorrect setup, but I contend that I shouldn't have to care. Such a tool just needs to know that there's a debian/ that works and a PPA waiting. Make it happen. Go. Now. Are we there yet? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (Rant over, the package uploaded and will presumably build shortly, enjoy!)