Happy 10th Birthday Terminator!

Today marks 10 years since the very first public release of Terminator, a multiplexing terminal emulator project.

I started working on Terminator as a simple way to get 4 terminals to not overlap on my laptop screen. In the following years it grew many features and attracted a userbase I am very proud of.

As much as I would like to, I cannot claim most of the credit for Terminator surviving for a decade - I stepped away from the project a few years ago and handed the reigns over to Stephen Boddy at a very crucial time - gtk2 was becoming ever more obsolete and our work on a gtk3 port was very incomplete. Stephen has driven the project forward and it now has a very good gtk3 version :)

So, thank you to Stephen and everybody else who contributed code/docs/translations/suggestions/bugs/etc over the last 10 years (you can see the most active folk here).

I'd also like to note that according to Ubuntu's Popularity Contest data, Terminator is installed on at least 56000 Ubuntu machines. Debian also has PopCon data, but the numbers there are a little less impressive ;)

This was the first project of mine that reached any kind of significant audience, and is the first project of mine to have achieved a decade of active maintenance, so I am feeling pretty happy today!