The city, locked down

I work immediately off the seafront in Brighton, pretty much round the corner from the famous Grand Hotel, and the not so famous Brighton Centre. We are one of the three party political conference cities, so each year we have one of the three main political parties roll into town. Since I've worked in the same place for a little over 4 years now I've seen a complete rotation and it is quite fascinating how they vary. This year we are "blessed" with Labour, the ruling party. What this means is that security is tighter than for the other two. The Tories have minimal security and the Police send a community liason officer for the Lib Dems ;-) Since we live in a changed world, where anyone can be a walking timebomb, fear is the order of the day, because those timebombs can strike anywhere. I am not sure where this stops being a reasonable argument and becomes self perpetuating madness, but there is a line somewhere. Anyway, since Labour's conference starts next week, the Police have been gearing up a major security operation for the last few weeks. I'm sure they would appreciate people not documenting their efforts online, sufficed to say there are large concrete barriers everywhere there should be if you want to stop truck bombs, there is sufficient perimiter security to keep protestors and threats out of the building and a wide ranging reconnaisance has been conducted (remember that the IRA bomb in the Grand Hotel in the 80s was planted weeks in advance). So Tony and his pals can rest safely, knowing that they are disrupting locals quite a lot and costing even more. Today I was asked for ID to be let near the place to go into the carpark adjacent and I expect that from tomorrow that road will be closed entirely. What doesn't help is that there are roadworks going on on other major roads in Brighton, so traffic will be standing still for most of next week ;-) Lucky I can park a mile away much cheaper and get a walk along the seafront first thing :-)

GNOME Desktop progress

Craig is right that GNOME is still a way away from OS X for polish, integration and intuitivity, but it's nice that they have their sights aimed in those directions and development is going pretty fast these days - it definitely helps to have Novell bankrolling a lot of the work (hopefully they will be beefing up the Ximian/Linux division development teams a lot). It's not all as simple as catching Windows/OSX up though, everyone is trading features - Windows's next generation of interfaces are going to be bristling with shiny innovations lifted from OSX and open source apps, I bet ;-)


Movie posterHero is a tale of assassins and a lone officer of the law, set hundreds of years ago in China. Jet Li plays the title role, Nameless, a local law official who has defeated several assassins bound to kill the King. He relates his tale in an audience with the King, with interesting consequences. I can't really say anything else without giving the film away, but the plot is pretty good. What really shines about this film though is the visuals; It's definitely an art flick more than anything else. Colour is used very dramatically to convey a varying sense of reality, which is actually quite crucial to understanding what's happening. You may notice what I'm talking about towards the end. The action is superb too, with scenes ranging from swordplay on water (a very Crouching Tiger scene) to an archery assault the likes of which you can't even imagine, it's definitely varied and interesting, though it does lean predominantly towards sword fighting. You do have to suspend a lot of disbelief because physics has been utterly sacrificed in the name of visual effect. Also largely done away with is continuity of motion between shots, also it seems in the name of making it look prettier and this felt quite jarring at times. Overall I can't recommend this film enough - if you liked Crouching Tiger you'll definitely like Hero, and if you didn't then this might have enough frenetic action to keep you interested :-)

Gallery returns

It's the picture gallery back again on an Internet near you. Sounds exciting, huh? ;-) Click the gallery link over on the Links box to check 'em out.

Ghost in the shell 2: Innocence

Movie posterI'm going to start with the easy stuff. The soundtrack is excellent, the animation is superb, the 3D rendering is exquisite, the cinematography is great...technically this is a superb film. It does fall squarely into the category of extremely strange Japanese anime though. The original movie was also pretty strange, but it was possible to follow the plot and it made sense; The sequel, however, is an impenetrable fortress of strangeness on the first watch. I probably need to see it a couple more times so I can get the visuals and subtitles all taken in, especially since something was wrong with the subtitles we saw, with the odd phrase being repeated - at times it seemed like one person was having a conversation with themselves in two voices because only one mouth was moving. I'm not quite sure how much of it was the android characters not needing to move their mouths and how much of it was dodgy Internet subtitles ;-) I'll get this on DVD as soon as they will let me, and update this with a second impression. Update: Yeah, so the film is way way way better with decent subs, albeit fan subs (which was no bad thing, they included a few translation notes that were very useful, like explanations of opaque Japanese proverbs). Excellent film, if you like anime at all you should see it.

Infernal Affairs

Movie posterSam is an organised crime boss and he has a plan. Inspector Wong is the police officer in charge of beating organised crime, and thus Sam, and he has a plan too. They both want to win and they both know what the other is up to, and that is infiltrating their organisations with moles, so for an hour and a half you're wondering who's going to get found out and if they are actually a good or bad guy. This tension carries right up to the end and indeed beyond it (hurray for films that don't provide ultimate finality). While there's very little actual action in this film, the suspense, script and acting will keep you engrossed to the end and maybe into the pre&sequels :-) is back!

Having said I wasn't going to put a blog back online I changed my mind and put this up, with piccie galleries to follow shortly. Welcome.